Who We Are


The Brant County SPCA is a not-for-profit, non-government funded organization that has been providing animal protection and welfare services in the City of Brantford and the County of Brant for over 40 years. These services include a home for homeless animals, investigation into animal cruelty and neglect, pet adoptions and humane education.

The shelter located at 539 Mohawk Street, Brantford was built in 1969 and it has been providing a home for homeless animals ever since. These animals include but are not limited to cats, dogs, rabbits, degus, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and the occasional snake or two.

Although the domestic animals are housed and cared for at the shelter, the Brant County SPCA also rescues over 1000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals annually. These animals once captured are taken to Brant County Wildlife Rescue and are entered into their rehab program.

Mission Statement

The Brant County SPCA is dedicated to all animals through prevention, promotion and protection.

Vision Statement

All animals in Brant and beyond will have a kind, compassionate and safe environment


The Brant County SPCA exists to enlighten and enrich the quality of life for our community members.

Our Charitable Registration # is 89836 9319 RR0001

Brant County Board Members

Tom Marlor ~ Chair

Mike McGregor~ Vice Chair

Tanya Stephens ~ Secretary

Ammie Poag

Lana Lang

Tiffany Carver

Kyle McLean

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