Spring is just a fancy word for Kitten Season!


Happy first day of Spring! Or as we like to call it, the first official day of Kitten Season!!!

We have already had mother cats and pregnant females arriving at the shelter and we know that this will continue as the weather begins to warm up. So we are asking for your help!

If you find a mama cat or one that is soon to give birth or even orphaned kittens, please contact us @ (519) 756-6620 to discuss intake arrangements. Our shelter reaches capacity quickly in springtime and we need to ensure that space is available at the shelter or in foster care.


The Brant County SPCA is now actively seeking new foster homes so that we will be ready when the kittens ‘come marching in’. We have attached the foster application below for anyone interested in becoming a Foster Friend:


In addition, we also have a Foster to Surrender program for anyone that has found a stray cat in need of assistance who is willing to provide temporary foster care. This helps us greatly especially in the springtime when our intake of animals reaches its peak. Please contact us @ (519) 756-6620 for more information on this life saving program.

Our Foster Programs provide everything that you need to take care of the animal including vaccinations, spay/neutering, veterinary assistance, and supplies such as food, litter, toys, bedding etc. There is NO cost to you in becoming a Foster Friend…the only thing you need to provide is the safe, loving temporary home while the animal awaits adoption placement.


As our intake of animals increases in the spring season, our food supplies drastically diminish. The Brant County SPCA is a charitable organization that relies on the kindness of its community to help support the animals in our care. Our shelter is part of the Royal Canin Elite Shelter Program for feeding so we are asking for donations of cat and kitten, dog and puppy Royal Canin brand food if possible. We use both canned and dry food for our shelter animals. Here is the link for more information:


Please note, we still accept donations of any other food brand to provide to those in foster care. We also greatly appreciate donations of towels, blankets, toys, litter, treats, dishes and pet store gift cards as well as monetary donations. Every little bit helps!

Let’s work together to make this our most successful Spring…we mean Kitten Season ever!


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