Ride Along Wednesdays

13116190_863977950396212_5955665039186704594_o“Well, it is finally that time of the year again – the wildlife in the City of Brantford are keeping our Officers extremely busy; It is mating season and unfortunately there is a huge increase of orphaned wildlife calls that we have been responding to. Here are just a few examples of the types of calls we have been receiving!

On April 14, 2016 we received a call from an overwhelmed citizen regarding a group of orphaned raccoons that were in her care. The caller had stated that their mother was hit by a moving vehicle and that she took these raccoons in for 5 days in order to care for them. An Animal Control Officer was dispatched to attend the address of the caller and evaluate the health of the raccoons. Upon arrival, the Officer inspected each of the raccoons and believed that they were healthy although they had been away from their mother for almost a week while being fed by the caller – which is a big no, no – See below as to why this is! The group of baby raccoons were transferred back to the shelter and a wildlife rehabilitation centre was contacted in order to ensure the health and well-being of the raccoons.

On April 18, 2016 we received calls from multiple neighbours on Beckett Drive stating that they had found orphaned squirrels on their properties. One of the callers had actually found the group of squirrels during the weekend prior and was instructed to place the squirrels back where they were found to ensure that they were indeed oprhaned. Approximately 24 hours went by and the squirrels were still in the area in which they were found and at this point another neighbour had found two other squirrels as well. Due to the squirrels being orphaned, an Animal Control officer was dispatched to attend the addresses. Upon arrival, all of the squirrels were evaluated and believed to be in good spirits! The group of squirrels were transferred back to the shelter throughout the day and once again a wildlife rehabilitation centre was contacted to give these little ones a chance at life!

The wildlife rehabilitation centre that we are speaking of is the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge located in Jarvis, ON. During both of these instances and other instances in the past, they have been nothing but welcoming to the orphaned wildlife that we have came across. We would like to give Chantal and her team a HUGE thank you from our organization to yours! Your dedication and love for the animals does not go unnoticed.

Actually, Chantal has composed an article that explains why individuals should NOT be feeding sick/injured/orphaned wildlife; It was published in the Huffington Post and it is an excellent read for anyone who’s interested!!! Here’s a link to the article:


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At the Brant County SPCA we have the opportunity to be involved in many different facets of animal welfare. So much of what we do is ‘behind the scenes’ especially when it comes to our Animal Services for the City of Brantford and our Animal Protection Services for all of Brant County.

We are certain that most of you have seen our Animal Services team out and about in the community riding along in our Brant County SPCA vans. And we are sure a lot of you are curious to know what a day in the life of these officers really looks like. Well, we’re inviting you to ‘ride along with us’ so that you can see firsthand.

Every Wednesday we will share an interesting story from our Animal Services team. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some will make you hug your own pets a little tighter. But all of them will make you have a greater understanding of how important their role is within our organization. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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