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“I wanted to let you know that Ranger has settled in beautifully in our home. He melts my heart when I look at him, and he “whimpers” when the children leave in the morning to go to school. He knows his house when returning from a walk – had that figured by day 2 or so. So far, my son has decided to keep the name you gave him!

He had his first leash free run with other dogs today at the Dartnell Road dog run (11 days post neutering) and his was very gentlemanly with the other dogs. I was a nervous new mother, afraid of what mischief he might get in to, and I had nothing to worry about.

We found him a “rather” large 2nd hand crate, and he now sleeps “through the night” – first night home was a long one, of course! I reminded my son that on his first night home we were driving him around in the car at 4 am, trying to get him to sleep! As a first time dog owner, I still can’t get over the number of similarities between dog discipline/ownership and parenting…so many “transferable” skills!

We still have our cat and Ranger living in different quarters. Ranger was very reluctant with stairs the first week….actually wouldn’t go either up or down them. He’s worked out that fear now, so we are better able to switch the cat and dog so they can smell each other’s scents. Our cat is rather afraid of him, so we’re still taking this part slowly. She’s coming along though, venturing closer, and being braver each day.

He has met several friendly neighbourhood dogs: “Tilly” is a female shepherd mix, who is pretty laid back. He’s also met “Dudley” a very wide Bulldog, whom he likes. Today he met a 16 month old female Shepherd named Coco. He gave our neighbour across the street lots of kisses as soon as he greeted him. He wants to meet every pedestrian, and really can’t fathom why some people are in too much of a hurry to pat him, or why some people are even scared of him!

I wanted to give special thanks to Anne for all her guidance and encouragement. Many of her words of wisdom echo during the day, as I get to know him. Yes, now I really understand just how opposite dogs & cats are!! Also, all of the training that Anne did with him has “stuck”…he is well mannered, and eager to please and to learn. She laid a solid foundation for us to work with, and we are very grateful for that!

Thank you again for bringing Ranger into our family. He is a very special dog! 🙂

~ Ranger ~~

submitted by Ranger’s mom

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We love staying in touch with our adopters! In fact, we consider them part of our extended Brant County SPCA friends and family. That is why we are so happy when we receive an update via Facebook, email or in person at the shelter. So why keep this happiness to ourselves when we can share it with you? Here are some updates from some pawsitively purrfect pets and their people!


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