Pawsitively Purrfect Pets

13087184_867295423397798_534331136266629448_o“We adopted Coba last month and just wanted to give you guys an update! He’s doing well, he’s made some new friends, and my friend just told me if she gets reincarnated she wants to come back as my dog because he’s spoiled. I was going to post this to your page so everyone could see his photos but I can’t figure out how! Feel free to post the photos if you’d like. Thank you so much for our baby! He’s wonderful!!!

Ps the two where he has his head on the table and is lying next to the beef. We’ve discovered he tries to hang his head and look sad when he’s trying to mooch! He just furtively glances your way when he wants to see if you’re paying attention and then casts his gaze downward again so he can look sad that you’re eating and he’s not getting any hahaha”

~ Coba ~
submitted by Alana Dawn

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We love staying in touch with our adopters! In fact, we consider them part of our extended Brant County SPCA friends and family. That is why we are so happy when we receive an update via Facebook, email or in person at the shelter. So why keep this happiness to ourselves when we can share it with you? Here are some updates from some pawsitively purrfect pets and their people!

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