Mocha offered ‘unconditional love’

Her name was Mocha but to me she was the dog who wouldn’t die.

It was the spring of 2009 when the Brant County SPCA called The Expositor for help.

A German shepherd had been found in bad condition.

“I was scared,” Brandon James, a Brant County SPCA agent, told The Expositor.

“I saw her and she looked like hell, she looked horrible. The smell was nauseating, the blood and pus coming out of her ears was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

The people who found her thought she had been hit by a car.

But she hadn’t been in accident. She had been neglected.

And the SPCA called The Expositor to make the story public in hopes someone could identify the owner. Their efforts paid off.

The owner was found, charged and held to account in provincial offences court.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Despite enduring horrible abuse, Mocha still had a heart full of love that she wanted to share. And, lucky for her, she met Robin Kuchma, the Brant County SPCA executive director.

“It was the first time in a long time that I met a dog that I actually broke down in tears due to the condition she was in,” Kuchma said in a later interview.

But even in the condition she was in, her eyes just tugged at my heart.

“I remember looking up at Brandon and saying, ‘I can’t leave her here. She has to come home with me. I’m taking her into foster care’.”

She was named Mocha.

A day after she was taken into care, Mocha rushed into Kuchma’s bedroom and woke her.

“A hole on the side of her face had ruptured and I found her covered in blood, myself covered in blood and the walls and the floor were covered in blood.”

Kuchma called for help.

Mocha was saved.

From then on, her recovery became more intense. She was never left alone.

People in the community, aware of Mocha’s plight, donated money or services to the total of $6,000 to help her recovery.

Kuchma said that Mocha’s journey to health was a community effort.

Mocha was deaf, but after a couple of years in Kuchma’s care, she became an active dog – full of life. And she was healthy, despite a battle with mammary gland cancer.

Over the years, whenever I bumped into Kuchma, it always was nice to hear about how well Mocha was doing, even though she was getting older and slowing down.

Then, at 9:15 p.m. Monday, I received the following e-mail from Kuchma:

“Hi Vincent,

“Today at 4:15 p.m. I had to say goodbye to my Mocha. I will miss her forever. She truly touched my heart in a special way with her unconditional love.”

Mine, too.

by Vincent Ball

Wednesday October 8, 20141455058_10152724526137660_8252750551863340614_n

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