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If you have lost or found a pet in the City of Brantford or the County of Brant, you are welcome to report it to us by phone (519) 756-6620 or by email contact@brantcountyspca.com. When emailing, please include a photo of the animal so that it can be attached to the report for identification.

Please view our  Lost Pet Help Document for helpful ideas on locating your missing pet, and tips to prevent further escapes.

Lost Report Waiver

Please note by leaving a lost report with us does not guarantee the return of your lost pet. As we do our best to match reports to animals that come into our care, there is always a chance of error.

This could be a result of the description given of the animal, the location in which it is found or that there was no permanent identification on the pet that was brought in.

To minimize the risk of not being reunited with your lost pet we do encourage you to come in and do a walk through every couple of days as well as bringing in a picture of your pet when you arrive so we can also attach to your report. Our stray time is only 72 hours so we do ask that you do frequent visits to see if your pet is at the shelter.

Please know we only keep reports on file for 30 days so if your pet is still missing after 30 days you may wish to call in again with a lost report.


10411349_779127412194005_7733667988773358125_nThe Brant County SPCA also operates a Lost & Found Facebook page. Our goal is to provide enhanced customer service for our community by creating a forum for pet owners and finders to better connect.

Please visit Brant County SPCA Lost & Found for more information. You can also find the link to the page in the Home section of our website.

This page is designated for residents in the Brant County area who have lost or found a pet. It is operated by the staff members of the Brant County SPCA.

Please note that although this page is monitored by staff members of the Brant County SPCA, the content for lost and found postings belong to the person who has posted.

In addition to posting lost and found reports on the Brant County SPCA Lost & Found, people are also required to file a report directly with the shelter by contacting us at (519) 756-6620 or email to contact@brantcountyspca.com. Thank you for your cooperation!

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