Kuranda Donate a Bed Program

kurandabedprogramKuranda has been dedicated to making products for the health and comfort of pets since 1987. Their Donate a Bed program has enabled animal shelters and rescues all over North America to receive dog and cat beds donated by their supporters. Kuranda dog beds are the most sturdy, comfortable beds available.

We are proud to be part of the Kuranda Donate a Bed program which helps us provide superior comfort and shelter to the dogs in our care at the Brant County SPCA. All dogs are provided with Kuranda beds in both their indoor and outdoor kennels.

Here are some of the benefits:

        * Patented ‘chewproof’ design
        * Off-the-floor comfort
        * Durable construction
        * Exceptionally easy to clean
        * Firm, even, orthopedic support



To purchase a Kuranda dog bed via our Donate a Bed program, go to:


PVC Dog Bed Small $44

PVC Dog Bed Large $56

Prices are specially discounted for donation. Items ship directly to the shelter in your name.

Our shelter dogs especially thank you for your support!

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