Jasper’s Car Donation Program



Did you know that the Brant County SPCA has a partnership with Thorpe Auto Parts and Wreckers?

With the Jasper’s Car Donation program, Thorpe’s will donate a minimum $25 to the shelter for every car recycled through this program. Or you can even donate the entire value of your vehicle!

Regardless of your choice, every donation helps our life-saving work for animals just like Jasper.


 Thorpe’s offers free pickup from your own driveway and proceeds will be donated to the Jasper’s Car Donation program to benefit animals in need in our community.

If your vehicle is ready to be scrapped or recycled, please contact them directly                  @ (519) 759-5070 or go online to www.thorpeauto.ca.

Thank you to Thorpe Auto Wreckers for being such a great community partner!










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