In Memory of Patti

This afternoon we had to say goodbye to a very dear friend.

Patti came into our care after being found late one night by Inspector Brandon James. She had been left chained outside an apartment building with a tight muzzle on and a prong collar which was digging into her neck. In her distress, Patti had wrapped herself right around a nearby bush until she could no longer move.

Needless to say, no one came looking for Patti nor did anyone come forward with information as to why she was abandoned that evening. But that didn’t stop us from getting to work on her rehabilitation. Patti was a real challenge to put it kindly and we had more bad days than good in the very beginning.

In time though and with a lot of hard work and effort, Patti began to warm up to us all. We got to see her playful and adorably stubborn side and she eventually became quite loving to those that she trusted. Patti earned a lot of nicknames along the way: Pitter Patti, Pats, Queen P, HeyYou, Patticakes, Princess, Babe, Tricia, just P, DontChewThat, and of course Patricia when she was in trouble 🙂

But most of all she was just our wild child who stole our hearts and made us shake our heads most days. And we loved every single minute we got to share with her and call ourselves her family. We tried many times to get Patti placed in Pitbull rescue however in true Patti form she always misbehaved when they came to see her. So we’re certain she thought of us as her family too and this was already home.

Patti’s health finally caught up to her recently and although her spirit stayed intact until the very end, we knew the kindest thing that we could do was to say goodbye. As we were leaving the clinic today, the veterinarian told us that he wished the world could see the love and compassion that we show to the animals in our care. Some days, we wish the world could see that too. But for today, having Patti know that was just enough for us. Rest in peace, our little wild child and chase the wind to your heart’s content.


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