Humane Education Program


We love being involved in our community!

At the Brant County SPCA we offer a wide range of educational programs for children, youth, and adults with a focus on the role the Brant County SPCA plays in the community and the services we provide, love and compassion for all types of animals, cruelty prevention and proper communication with animals.
Any group, organization or club including; retirement homes, schools and daycares can benefit from these educational programs. But they are not the only ones! These programs are a great opportunity for our adoptable animals to become more socialized and show their true personalities.

We offer these community visits free of charge, however donations to the Brant County SPCA are always welcomed and appreciated!


Retirement Homes: One of the most difficult parts of moving into a retirement home for some is parting ways with their beloved pets. We will allow your resident’s one-on-one time to get their daily dose of animals. They will learn about our organization, and different ways they are able to contribute as well as have an opportunity to ask us any questions or tell us stories about the pets they have had throughout life!  
Day Cares/Schools: Children will learn a variety of communication skills such as when and how to approach an animal. They will also learn what different body language means to and from an animal to ensure a successful relationship. We also place an importance on how to be a responsible pet owner, and to have compassion and understanding towards all types of animals. 
Clubs/ Groups: Are you looking for an exciting activity to do with your group or club? Let us tell you about the Brant County SPCA and what we do in the community. Learn about our events, donor programs, what we do as an organization and interact with some adorable animals!

We also will present different ways for youth to be involved with the Brant County SPCA prior to being of age to be a volunteer. Interested in a specific topic? We will happily customize our presentations to fit your needs!

For more information or to book a Humane Education Program, please contact:

Ashley Lees

Community Engagement Coordinator

Brant County SPCA

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