Do you have a sweet tooth for animal rescue?


Do you have a sweet tooth for animal rescue?

We do! And that’s why we’re participating in National Cupcake Day for SPCAs & Humane Societies this month.

Proceeds raised from this wonderful event help animals like Bart who came into the care of the Brant County SPCA as a stray in December 2016.

Upon arrival, Bart was not only in need of a good grooming but his skin was also suffering from a yeast infection. After going unclaimed, this sweet little Shih Tzu began his slow journey to adoption.

In addition to his skin issues which were treated with medication and a change in diet, Bart also had a host of other health concerns. He had a low grade cancer mass successfully removed from his neck and during his neuter procedure, a dew claw needed to be taken off and an umbilical hernia was repaired. Bart also had to have some tooth extractions due to dental disease.

Bart was such a brave little guy during all of this and his sweet, sunny nature really helped in his recovery. We are so happy to say that he is now enjoying life to the fullest in his foster-to-adopt home.

Not every animal that comes into our care needs as much TLC as Bart. But we are so grateful that when one does, we have the financial support of our donors to help us provide what is necessary.

If you would like to help us help animals like Bart, please register for National Cupcake Day @ today!

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