Community Cat Program


The Brant County SPCA is proud to introduce our Community Cat Program. The goal of this program is to help assist the public with the stray, community and feral cat population.Through our various programs such as Barn Buddies, Return to Field (RTF), and Foster to Surrender we are dedicated to keeping these animals healthy, safe and re-homed whether this is a barn, a field or warm couch.

All feral and community cats that enter our Barn Buddies and RTF program will be spayed, neutered, microchipped, ear tipped and rabies vaccinated.

What is a community cat?

A community cat is any cat that lives outside and is not owned. The community cat population is made up of cats that are abandoned, feral, have no owners or choose to live outside. While some have feral traits, others can be very social.

What is a feral cat?

A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with people or their contact with people has diminished over time. They are not socialized to people and survive on their own outdoors. Most feral cats are not likely to ever become lap cats or enjoy living indoors. Outdoor cats have existed alongside humans for 10,000 years. They are not a new phenomenon. Feral cats are members of the same species as pet cats—and are therefore protected under animal anti-cruelty laws. The difference between feral cats and your pet cat is that they have had little or no contact with people, and so they are wary of us, and cannot be adopted as indoor pets. They have a home—outdoors. They live and thrive in every landscape, from the inner city to rural farmland.

What is microchipping?

13100873_10209097443175798_8759678303023907380_nThe microchip is an electronic and hypoallergenic device the size of a grain of rice painlessly inserted under the animal’s skin at the height of the shoulder blades on the back. This small chip contains a unique identification number linked to a database containing important information about the animal, including the owner’s contact details. In addition to the pet ID tag, the microchip is a safe way to find your pet quickly in case of loss, theft or if they run away, especially if he is brought to a shelter or a veterinary clinic where they can be scanned.

What is ear tipping?

We use the word “eartip” to describe when a small portion of the tip of a feral or community cat’s left ear is surgically removed during spay or neuter surgery, to denote that the cat has been spayed or neutered. Eartipping is done while the cat is under anesthesia and is not painful for the cat. Eartipping is the most effective way to identify neutered feral cats from a distance, to make sure they are not trapped or undergo surgery a second time.

Community Cat Program

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