Barn Buddies

barncatwebsiteThe Brant County SPCA is seeking adopters who have a warm, safe, barn, shed, outdoor housing, warehouse, or greenhouse that can provide feral cats with a chance at life. These cats are neutered, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and available for no adoption fee.

Barn Buddies are cats who are independent and self-sufficient. They typically prefer to live outdoors with a barn or shed to sleep in and a steady supply of food and water for the days that the hunting doesn’t go well.

Barn Buddies don’t require much space, but these skilled rodent technicians are pros at discouraging pesky little critters from taking up residence. Although this special group of felines are not suitable indoor companions, they would be a wonderful buddy to a chicken, cow or horse! For more information please contact us @ (519) 756-6620.

Barn Buddies Application

Barn Buddies Poster

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