It takes the work of a community to help support the animals at the Brant County SPCA.

Take a scroll through some of the animals we’ve helped save together!

Oliver: Operation Smile


Oliver is a 4 -year-old male Shih Tzu mix that joined the Brant County SPCA family as a stray on May 10th, after being found near the landfill. Oliver is about to embark on his most important mission yet- Operation Smile!

During his intake exam, there were concerns regarding his pearly whites… or lack thereof!  During his initial vet visit, they identified a cyst involving his upper right canine tooth and suspected there were other unerupted teeth (meaning as he lost his baby teeth, adult teeth never grew in and are hiding out below his gums!).

On May 27, 2016, X-rays confirmed 3 of 4 of his canine teeth as well as 4 incisors were impacted. The work involved to correct his condition cannot be done by local veterinarians, so Operation Smile will commence at a specialist in the Guelph area!

Oliver was scheduled for surgery on June 28, 2016.After some recovery time, Oliver soon found his new home! We are so glad Oliver got the second chance he deserved!


Eye Love Letty

Letty the kitten was found by a member of the public on September 14th 2016, and brought into the shelter. Upon examination, it was determined Letty’s eye had suffered some form of trauma, resulting in a ruptured eye that would require immediate removal. Letty successfully underwent eye surgery Friday September 16th and is doing great! A total of $385 was raised to cover her surgery from generous members of the community. After a successful eye removal surgery, and a lot of love, Letty has left for her new home! Thank you to everyone who donated to her surgery, followed her story, and loved and cared for her along the way!