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Volunteer Job Description of the Foster Friend

Compassion is the highest form of human existence - Fyodor Dostoyevsky


After being scolded by his friends for interrupting their journey to return a fledging to its next, Abraham Lincoln remarked, "I could not have slept tonight if i had left that helpless little creature to perish on the ground." Regrettably, animals in need of such spontaneous acts of kindness are a frequent occurrence at our shelter, where orphaned, injured, ill, pregnant, and elderly animals commonly end up. With their plea for help, urgent, your compassion is a blessing that their lives depend on.


Your Work Location:



You will be working within your own home.



Your Main Mission:


To assist you in providing temporary care for animals with special needs, in an atmosphere of safety, security and warmth.

Your Responsibilities


You will be supporting the animals that need most -- literally. Whether providing a comfortable, isolated place for pregnant animals, or feeing orphaned kittens every four hours, you will be contributing to the health and well-being of many animals. Though all food, supplies and medical care are provided by us, the time, commitment, benevolence and understanding will be up to you. In the rare circumstance that you encounter a medical emergency, and we have no drivers available, you would need to be able to take the animal to the vet, yourself, but not before contacting the Shelter and discussing with Staff. Or, you may be responsible for some simple dog training to help ensure an elderly dog gets adopted. Though caring for pregnant or young animals is a more common scenario, this is a truly varied position with many animals that will require your empathy.


Skills and Qualifications:


Mainly, you need to have the time to care for animals with such elevated needs. you will require unconditional patience and a powerful love of animals. As well, it is essential that you have an isolated spot in the house and a vehicle. You will have to be dependable and able to commit to a regular on-going and pre-scheduled care while fostering animals. Also important is your ability and comfort in caring for ill or severely injured animals.


Time Commitment:


One week to six months, depending on the needs of the fostered animal.


In Conclusion:


You truly will be a crucial person to our work. Being both present to witness the moment of life and, later, caring to sustain it, you will work at the very core of our goal to save animals lives. Your compassion for animals is a gift that, in foster care work, you are both admired and revered for by people, animals and, hopefully, yourselves. They can't speak to you directly, but we know that we unite their voices and ours when we say -- thank you for considering being a Foster Friend.


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